Holy Week: Holy Saturday (Black Sabbath)

Horrowing of Hell
Horrowing of Hell
This image of the "Harrowing of Hell" shows Jesus freeing Adam and Even from Hades

The Gospels do not mention very much about Holy Saturday, or Black Sabbath. Because it is the Sabbath, the day of rest, it is believed that Jesus rested in His tomb on this day.

There are some that have interpreted various scriptures to say that Jesus descended in Hades, or Hell, and “preached” to the souls there before freeing them to Heaven. Essentially, Hades is the place that people went to after they died and waited for the proper path to Heaven. It was split into 2 sectors; Abraham’s Bosom, or Paradise, for those that believed in God, and a second place for those that didn’t believe and suffered in torment. Jesus goes down and heralds the good news that He has made Heaven accessible to all those who believed, and leads them out of captivity. To those that didn’t believe, this was confirmation that they would be in Hell forever.

If His mission was to save us, it would make sense that He would complete the job by going down to the depths of the earth to save those that died before knowing Him. Being more bible-based than any specific denomination or sect, I would be more more inclined to believe this interpretation if there was a specific scripture that I could point to that clearly verifies this event, rather than piecing different verses from the bible and non-bible texts to put the story together. It is still an interesting topic, so if you want to know more about this you can look up “harrowing of hell” and make your own decision.

Saturday is still a day of mourning and contemplation, even in preparation for tomorrows celebration of the resurrection of our Holy King.

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday

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