@LexxJonez: Love Jones III

album art for Lexx Jonez: Love Jonez 3

It’s Valentines Day, which means that we are due for another edition of Lexx Jonex mixtape series Love Jones, back for volume 3.

I missed reviewing last year’s edition, but I did get a chance to review the first Love Jonez mixtape.

This third edition is an amazing 3 hour journey through some of the best of R&B. 3 HOURS!!! Unfortunately there is no track list to share, and since a good DJ will always mix new, breaking songs with the current hits and classics you would come to expect, there are quite a few songs by artists that I did not recognize but hey were jamming nonetheless! As with previous mixtapes, we get some hilarious soundbites courtesy of Martin, Fresh Prince, and the Cosby Show. Honestly, hearing Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable say “Let’s get it on” is kinda creepy now…

In my opinion, this is best in the series so far, which is hard to say considering how great the previous 2 mixtapes were. Lexx definitely brought the heat on this one.

TRUST ME, if you are a fan of R&B, do yourself a favor and download Lexx Jonez: Love Jonez III right now! Make sure to check Lexx out on Twitter and Instagram.

10 out of 10
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