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Lexx Jonez: Love Jonez Mixtape

Track listing for Lexx Jonez: Love Jonez Mixtape

DJ Lexx Jonez (IG, Twitter), from the KMEL morning show, drops the Love Jonez mixtape just in time for Valentines Day. Forget about Netflix and chill, this mixtape has 44 of the hottest baby-making love songs! If you can’t GTD with this, then you are definitely losing. PS: If you recognize the interludes on the mixtape, you should definitely know what GTD means. If you don’t you might be too young for this grown-up vibe.

Some of the definite classics Lexx drops include the opener He Can’t Love You by Jagged Edge, This Little Game We Play by 702.. too many to mention. Just download it and make sure you are playing it in the car on your way home from you Valentine’s Day dinner. Guaranteed to get the night popping by the time you get home. In 9 months, just make sure to name you child Lexx Jonez!

Download Lexx Jonez: Love Jonez Mixtape now!

Lexx Jonez: Love Jonez Mixtape

10 out of 10
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