Holy Week: Resurrection Sunday

And on Sunday morning, at about 6am, Jesus was discovered missing from His tomb. The stone was rolled back not so that He could get out, but so that we can look in.

He defeated death and sin once and for all, He payed the ultimate price for us. John 15:13 NLT says “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

As if He had not done enough, He still appeared to those that required to see Him with their own eyes. Don’t judge Thomas as being a doubter. We doubt that Jesus exists everyday with our lack of faith. We invalidate His sacrifice on the cross whenever we don’t go to Him first with our problems. We reduce His suffering when we think our life is not worth living. Unless you are being physically beaten, forced to carry a cross while people laugh at you, and are nailed to a cross then you don’t have it so bad.

This is the 4th year that I have fasted for 40 days in reflection of the Resurrection Miracle, but this if the first time I have really understood what it means. While Easter is a celebration of His victory and Resurrection, I charge you to keep it as a memorial, to never forget the price that was prayed for our freedom. After 4 years, I have finally learned that its not enough to have faith in Jesus, but I must now have the faith OF Jesus.

I will not NEVER stand and let someone say that you don’t exist. I will NEVER allow anyone to dismiss your divinity by saying your were just a man. Even if you were just a man, we could never be 1/10th of the man that you are. I will NEVER allow anyone to say that you are not real, when I have seen you for myself with my own eyes and heart.

Thank you God, for thinking so much of me that you sacrificed your son. Thank you for loving me when I do everything to show that I am not worthy. I am nothing but a bloody rag on my best days. Thank you Jesus!

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