Failure Club

Failure Club

The Failure Club is a new web series from the crazy mind of Morgan Spurlock. You may remember him from such classics as “Super Size Me” and “The Greatest Movies Ever Sold.” The title of the series caught my attention, as it seemed to be humorous. However, this time Morgan documents seven people as they risk it all to chase their dream.

In this first episode, Morgan talks about how the idea came about and how none of the networks wanted to take a chance on the project so he decided to do it himself. He says that this project is his failure project.

The thing I found interesting was how the title used the negative term, failure. It could easily been called “Dream Chasers” or something corny like that. Instead, he recognized that the fear of failing is one of the main reasons we don’t chase our dreams and ultimately never reach our full potential.

I don’t imagine this to be as funny as his other documentaries, but I will definitely watch to see how this turns out.

Do you have any dreams you are scared to chase?

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