How to Disable Links

How to Disable Links
UPDATE: A more recent version of this article was posted on CSS-Tricks: How to Disable Links. The topic of disabling …

I probably won’t #deleteuber and here is why

Delete confirmation of Uber app on iOS
This weekend I read Susan Fowler’s harrowing journey as a female engineer at Uber. It’s just another reminder that, as …

Intro to Web Accessibility

Intro to Web Accessibility
Back in July, the fine folks at ForwardJS allowed me to give an “Intro to Web Accessibility” workshop. The workshop …

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Today is day 6 of my UPPP recovery and I am pretty confident in saying that my short-term experience with my sleep apnea correction is over.
VoiceOver and list-style-type-none

VoiceOver and list-style-type: none

With that bit of additional CSS, we are able to return the list semantics for VoiceOver users without needing to touch the markup.

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