My UPPP Recovery: Day 1

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty - UPPP

Yesterday, I was reading some horror stories that really had me second guessing this whole thing. Mostly about really painful recovery, lack of effectiveness, and ENT’s that exaggerate the success rate. There were also stories of the terrible side effects, such as food and drink regurgitation into the nose. I spoke to my doctor and he reminded me of my options. I felt comfortable with him.

Today started by registering at the hospital at 7am with vitals taken and papers signed. Everybody I encountered was very nice and extremely accommodating. I had never been operated on so they made feel about as comfortable as I could be.

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I  spoke to some family members, went to the bathroom, and was taken off to be put to sleep. I was already tired so I think I fell asleep before they even gave me anything.

I woke up abruptly and was asked if I was feeling any pain and I said I was so that I could get some pain meds.  They put some morphine in my IV.

Dr. Prasad said the whole procedure only took about 45 minutes and there was very little bleeding. It was a good surgery.

The morphine did not last very long, and I had to ask for more about every hour. I was having problems breathing and it was causing my heart rate to spike. They gave me something to keep it low. I got to have some ice chips and a little water. Swallowing was not as bad as I thought it would be.

After a few hours I was moved to a private room. The nurses came in every few hours to give me some more morphine, check my vitals, mouthwash, and nasal sprays. I started to take a pain elixir because it was more effective than the morphine.

The IV had me going to the bathroom about every 45 minutes. Peeing in a bottle took a little getting used to.

My best friend finally showed up with my mom, who he picked up at the airport. We watched the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show.

So far, I would say everything is going well. I am able to breathe perfectly through my nose with splints and the pain in my throat is being managed. I am trying not to talk even though technically I can.

The real test will be how well I can sleep tonight.

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